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The Great Grouper Popularity


Grouper is a type of fish that is very popular among seafood lovers because of its deliciousness. The delicacy of grouper texture is something that is very hard to resist and makes this fish so popular. This fish belongs to the Serranaide tribe which is the best-selling fish commodity. It turns out that this type of grouper is very large, and many frozen groupers wholesale are sold. Frozen fish are chosen because they are considered to be more durable. There are about 12 types of grouper fish that are known and also consumed by the community. Of the several types that exist, there are types that are large and can even have a weight of up to 100 kg.

Keep the Grouper’s Habitat

Grouper is a type of pelagic-deep sea fish, which means that this fish lives near the shallow seafloor. But there is bad news about the sustainability of groupers. Reportedly, groupers began to be difficult to find because they were too often caught on a large scale, but were not balanced with preservation, so that the number of groupers was not maintained and threatened with extinction. In addition, the sea which is now heavily polluted is one of the main factors causing damage to grouper habitat. So don’t be surprised if this fish starts to be hard to find. Even so, there are still many people who consume these fish, and also many people who buy frozen groupers wholesale.

Get to Know More About Grouper’s Types

Besides, being delicious to eat, and also being sold in form of frozen grouper wholesale. We also need to know the types of groupers to increase our insight. The following is a list of known grouper species:

  1. Tiger Grouper

Tiger grouper is not a hybrid grouper, or in other words, this fish is a genuine variety. The scientific name of this type of grouper is Epinephelus fuscoguttatus. Coral reefs near the waters are natural habitats for these fish. This fish has a body style that resembles tiger skin, so this fish is named tiger grouper. This tiger grouper is sold at a price of Rp. 500,000 per kilo. If you buy grouper that has been cooked, the price is around Rp 100,000.

  1. Grouper Rat / Duck

The name of Mouse Grouper is indeed the real name of this type of grouper. Even so many people call it a Duck Grouper. This fish is one grouper that is an original race. Rocky and lagoon waters are ideal types of fish. This fish pattern is black spots. Not only as food for consumers, it turns out this fish is also commonly displayed as an ornament in the aquarium and maintained. The name of this fish species is Chromileptes altivelis. If you want grouper with first-class quality, then you need to pay Rp.4,000,000, a fantastic price. These are prices in Hong Kong and Taiwan

  1. Batik Grouper

Batik Grouper is a grouper that has habitat in the lagoon area. This fish has a terrible appearance so it looks a little scary. This fish looks fierce with its sharp teeth. This fish has big and prominent eyeballs and is blue. Damaged habitat causes this fish to become extinct. So we need to preserve Indonesia’s marine preservation. The name of this fish species is Epinephelus polyphekadion. If you want this fish, then you can just spend hundreds even millions of rupiah. With the increasingly scarce type of batik grouper, making the price more expensive.

  1. Mud Grouper

Epinephelus Tauvina is the species name of this mud grouper. These fish like to swim in the muddy seabed, so it’s no wonder that these fish are named mudfish. Although living at a depth of 100 meters, this fish will be able to stay alive. This fish can also be found even if only at a depth of about 50 m. The average price of this fish is Rp. 200,000-Rp. 300,000 / kg.

  1. Giant Grouper

Monster fish is another name that is owned by this type of grouper. The body size of this grouper can grow very large, even its size can look like a whale. This fish has a scientific name, namely Epinephelus lanceolate. Australia’s waters are the starting place for the discovery of these monster groupers. But fishermen who search for fish in the waters of Indonesia also often get this big grouper. Something that was so exciting had happened one day when a fisherman from Sambas managed to capture a Giant Grouper with a weight of up to 150 kg. With a very large size, of course, this fish has a high selling value of up to millions of rupiah.

Those are some types of grouper that you may need to know to increase your insight. Some types of grouper can be frozen until eventually, the sellers sell frozen grouper wholesale to get a lot of profit. Eating fish is healthy and also delicious.

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Featured Post

Cooking Delicious Crab Recipes


Talking about food is very interesting indeed. Most of us would love to eat and taste various types of food. One of the most preferred food menus is seafood. Indonesia is a country with rich marine products. One of the most popular seafood is crabs. Crab is used as a variety of preparations for food. There’s even pasteurized crab meat and canned crab meat. If you often enjoy a variety of Indonesian dishes, especially seafood dishes, you can try recipes made from canned crab meat. The menu is a very tasty crab soup. This menu is very easy to make.

This crab meat menu can be the best for you to serve at home or for welcoming a special guest. The spices used to make soup and the ingredients contained in seafood dishes have a strong taste. As a complement to the dishes, you can also add fresh asparagus that you have cleaned and peeled. Then, you boil it first, so that the quality of the crab soup taste is more special. For you who want to try to make a crab soup recipe using canned pasteurized crab meat. The following steps are the ways you need to note in order to make the crab soup recipe. You can prove yourself the deliciousness of this cuisine.

The Ingredients to Make the Crab Soup

The following are the ingredients you need:

  1. 1 can (256 grams) of asparagus, then you cut the asparagus 2 cm long.
  2. 100 grams of crab meat, use canned pasteurized crab meat which is available in the supermarket to make it easier for you to cook the recipe.

Then, the following are ingredients for making crab soup seasonings:

  1. 2 finely chopped garlic cloves
  2. 1 cm ginger
  3. 1 teaspoon of fish sauce
  4. 1/2 teaspoon of powdered chicken stock
  5. 1/2 tablespoon of salt
  6. 1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder

For complementary of the dishes are as follows:

  1. 1 finely sliced ​​onion stem
  2. 1 teaspoon of sesame oil
  3. 1 egg beaten loose to add to the soup
  4. Don’t forget to prepare 800 ml of water
  5. 3 tablespoons of sago flour and 3 tablespoons of water, dissolve. This is used to make the soup become thicker and more delicious
  6. 1 tablespoon of cooking oil to stir-frying the ingredients

How to Make The Crab Soup

Next, this is the step you need to follow to make this crab soup:

  • First, fry the garlic and ginger for a while until the smell comes out. If the smell is good enough, then put the crab meat into the pan.
  • Mix well until it has a nice smell and half cooked.
  • Add fish sauce, powdered chicken stock, salt, and ground pepper to the mixture. Be sure to stir when cooking to make it evenly cooked and the spices are well mixed.
  • Then pour water into it. Cook until the broth boils.
  • If the broth has boiled, then add the asparagus. Continue to cook until the soup is boiling.
  • Add sago flour solution to the soup. Cook again until it is thickened and bubbling.
  • Put the leeks and sesame oil into the mixture. Stir it well.
  • Add the eggs little by a little while stirring until it is stringy.
  • Cook until the soup boiling again. Lift the pan from the fire and then serve the food.

The materials that you needed can be easily obtained. You can get all the ingredients including pasteurized crab meat in the supermarket near your house. This is the easiest way for you to cook this dish at home for your family. Happy cooking!

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Best Guidance To Catch Grouper Fish


Grouper fish in a proper language is a fish that have so many siblings and the part of Epinephelinae family. Actually, this kind of fish has so many species, but basically, they have a similar shape one to another, and also quite difficult to inflict when you are fishing them. The differences of the species might be from their color and some patterns of this grouper. If you don’t have any knowledge about them, you might not be able to see the differences between the species.

A Rare Fish, Also Rare Taste

Basically, grouper fish has a special shape and color, usually, grouper will have a shape as big as a dog with dark green color and freckles around their whole body. Those freckles became their ability to camouflage when they are hunting their food. This fish is a kind of coral fish, so they are really rare swimming a long journey. Grouper fish is a carnivore fish which usually eats smaller fish, octopus, crab, and lobster.

The way they survive to get some food is quite unique. Grouper fish will wait for their victim to get closer to them while they use their ability to camouflage. After that when their foods are coming closer, grouper fish will use their strong and big mouth to suck all of them. They eat like a vacuum cleaner machine which is not ripping them into pieces, but they eat a whole thing.

If you are a fisherman or have a fishing hobby, this kind of fish might be your wish list to catch. Because grouper has a delicious meat to eat. One of the most popular food from grouper is a grouper steak. Have you imagined that you can eat a delicious meat from grouper which is your own catch? This might be your best feeling if you could do that. So, don’t hesitate yourself to start fishing this fish, and there are several pieces of knowledge for you who want to eat a delicious meat from grouper fish.

Fishing Is A Fun Activity

To catch a grouper fish, the common thing that fisherman do is applying a basic technic to do fishing. Riding a small boat and using a long string to set a fishing bait in the coral base is the best way to catch grouper fish. Just like another fishing activity, you have to be patient waiting until the fish eat your bait. You must remember an important thing that the kind of string you use, it must be a very long to reach the seabed because grouper fish live deep in the sea.

Then, for the bait, you must use a natural feed of the grouper fish to get a big chance of catching them. As explained before, it is better to use octopus’s meat to get them and don’t forget to cut it into pieces. Another bait that usually used is a fresh shrimp. Actually, grouper fish is a kind of greedy fish, so they will eat any living animal smaller than them, and it is not a difficult thing to choose your bait. However, to get an easier way of catching them by using octopus’s meat. That bait should be installed on a big size of hook for about 3 to 4 pieces in your long strings.

The area you should choose to get these grouper fish is on a sea which has a deep depth with the help of a boat. To easily get grouper fish, you have to find an area which has variant coral reefs, because they live naturally in the middle of coral reefs. For you who don’t have any idea which area to catch grouper fish, you can ask some people who live around there or you can ask some fisherman there.

In Indonesia, the fishermen have been marked where the coral reefs are, so you don’t have to be a worry about finding the best area. You can ask any fisherman to help you on fishing a grouper fish, so you can get easier access to catch them. Actually, to get this fish you have to do a survey first, this step was for knowing the best place that has no much sand underwater. Because grouper fish will not live on a dusty water. Finally, might those knowledge be your guide for you who want to taste a delicious grouper meat?

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The Best Way Having Sea Bass Livestock


Sea bass can be found in almost all the beach in Indonesia. This country becomes one of the countries which has so many kinds of fishes. A big sea bass usually found hiding between a gap from big rocks on a beach. This kind of fish classified as a carnivore and eats another smaller fish they meet, especially like crustaceans and worms. This kind of sea bass’s prey is for those which has a smaller size of the body, but for that big size of sea bass, they eat crabs and also shrimps.

Sea Bass Is A Good Business

This sea bass becomes one of the most popular fishing catches for those who have a hobby of fishing. It is because the sensation of fishing sea bass can be so tense. How come fishing sea bass can be so tense? Because you have to go to a beach and use a small boat, so the fish will not run away, then get your fishing equipment ready.

Any other performances to catch this fish has a bigger chance to lost if you use another kind of fishing equipment, such as spear and trawl because sea bass is a kind of fish that very agile. Seabass has a high sense of sensitivity, which means they will know if you are coming to them. But, if you are capable to catch them, you will taste a delicious meat from sea bass.

People catch this fish because if they sell the meat in a market, the price is so high. Furthermore, there is frozen sea bass that usually on sale, because the taste of the meat is very good. A quite challenging if you want to have sea bass breeding on your own because you must pay any attention to how to raise them correctly. There will be several tips for you who want to build your own sea bass breeding and produce sea bass’s meat.

You Have Responsibilities Taking Care Of Them

First, the most important thing of making a breed is the pond. You have to be careful choosing the area of the pond because, in a different area, the soil structure will also differ. Make sure the place of your pond has enough free water chlorine. Always check the potential of hydrogen in your water, it must have about 6 or 8 pH so your sea bass will be safe. After that, you have to make sure that the pond got enough sun lights every day, and sea bass can survive in 12-40 degree Celsius, and for a better growth, make sure the temperature for about 16-35 degree Celsius.

Second, pay attention to the pond’s maintenance. First of all, separate your young sea bass in a small pond after the hatching process. In this pond, you have to make sure there will be no fish predator which has the opportunity to eat your sea basses, such as snake or frog. If your young sea bass reaches 21-28 day aged, give them 10-15% fish feed according to their weights. After 40-60 days old, move them into your main pond with other adult sea bass.

Third, take care of their food. Basically, sea bass is a carnivore fish. But, usually, they eat any kind of food, such as algae or many kinds of underwater plants. It is easy to feed them, because sea bass will eat anything you give, but don’t give them a random feed though. You can choose your own making feed or commercial feed.

Fourth, how to take care of sea bass’s pond. It is not a recommend gathering your sea bass with another live animal, such as snail, shrimp, crab, or any other living organism in the pond. Also, avoid your sea bass from a condition that can get them stressed. The things you must avoid are excess density, bad nutrition, and a high-level nitrate. In a simple way, take off the cleanliness of the pond and sterilize from any other animal.

Fifth, the harvest process. To sell your sea bass, you have to make sure that they have about 300-500 grams weight each. This is the perfect weight on sale and makes them froze. When your sea bass has a perfect weight to sell, don’t hesitate yourself to sell them in a market. You probably get a high price of them.

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How To Clean Fish In A Proper Way


Trout is one of the most delicious kinds of meat that can be easily bought in a market. Fish meat has a cheap price than any other kind of meat, such as beef or pork. This meat also can be processed into various kind of luxurious food and become a high-class food. Choosing fish meat is quite easy because almost all kind of fish can be eaten and had a good taste. Even sometimes you probably meet a fish that you are going to eat, but it still has a fishy taste in it. This caused from a fault when cleaning those fish skin.

Cleanliness Is The Most Important

The incorrection of cleaning fish skin can be a big mistake for those who want to make fish dishes. The smell and fishy of a bad cleaning fish skin will be the result. You have to do it perfectly when cleaning the fish skin, this is a crucial thing you must concern. Furthermore, if you forgot to clean any parts of fish, it will give you a tasteless and bitter sense of your food.

Before making fish dishes for your family or friend, you must be familiar with the way to clean it in the first place. This the very first step if you want to cook trout. After you can clean it well, froze them to get an extra “age” for your fish. If you have no idea how to do it, here several simple tips for you to clean your fish. These steps can be applied to both freshwater fish and sea fish.

Get Ready To Eat The Best Trout

  1. Preparing Equipment

Preparing your tools is the most important before you start to clean your fish. The tools that must be provided are the knife and cutting board. You can choose a fish fillet knife set to clean the fish scale and cut the meat or a very sharp knife to get a maximum result though. Another tool is a cutting board, it is better to use the wooden cutting board to help you hold the fish. The wooden cutting board will not make the fish move because of its slippery skin while you are cleaning it. Using a wooden texture also kept your fish from another chemical sense if you use the plastic cutting board.

  1. Clean The Fish Scale

In this phase, the very first thing that you have to do is removing the fish scale. This process is commonly done by putting your knife on the tail side, then drag it forward to another way which is head side until the fish scale automatically removed from the body. Repeat this step several times to get a perfect removed scale. If you got a hard scale of the fish, you can soak it first in a bowl which has been filled in with warm water and 2 squashed lime on spoons for about 5 minutes. With this additional phase, the fish scale will be easier to remove.

  1. Clean The Innards

After cleaning the fish skin, let’s move to clean its innards. The inside parts of a fish that must be removed are gill and belly of the fish, especially the bile. How to do that? First, you have to pierce the belly of the fish, then clean the innards using your bare hands. Take out all of the inside parts and clean those gills. In this phase, the thing that you must concern is the bile. Do not ever break the bile while you are removing it from the body, because if it broke and spread to the meat, you will get a bad taste of the meat.

  1. Washing The Fish

If your fishes are cleaned from scale and innards, then this is the step to wash properly. This phase is used to clean any left parts of the scale and innards. Then, how to wash the fish in a proper way? Use water which has been mixed with salt or lime liquid to release the aroma of fishy. You can also use a special water to clean the fish which can be bought in any supermarket. There is a simpler way to clean the fish without using any mix, you can use warm water to eliminate any bacterial left. In the last step, don’t forget to rinse your fishes with a flowing water using your faucet to remove all the dirty parts left on the fish.

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