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The Great Grouper Popularity


Grouper is a type of fish that is very popular among seafood lovers because of its deliciousness. The delicacy of grouper texture is something that is very hard to resist and makes this fish so popular. This fish belongs to the Serranaide tribe which is the best-selling fish commodity. It turns out that this type of grouper is very large, and many frozen groupers wholesale are sold. Frozen fish are chosen because they are considered to be more durable. There are about 12 types of grouper fish that are known and also consumed by the community. Of the several types that exist, there are types that are large and can even have a weight of up to 100 kg.

Keep the Grouper’s Habitat

Grouper is a type of pelagic-deep sea fish, which means that this fish lives near the shallow seafloor. But there is bad news about the sustainability of groupers. Reportedly, groupers began to be difficult to find because they were too often caught on a large scale, but were not balanced with preservation, so that the number of groupers was not maintained and threatened with extinction. In addition, the sea which is now heavily polluted is one of the main factors causing damage to grouper habitat. So don’t be surprised if this fish starts to be hard to find. Even so, there are still many people who consume these fish, and also many people who buy frozen groupers wholesale.

Get to Know More About Grouper’s Types

Besides, being delicious to eat, and also being sold in form of frozen grouper wholesale. We also need to know the types of groupers to increase our insight. The following is a list of known grouper species:

  1. Tiger Grouper

Tiger grouper is not a hybrid grouper, or in other words, this fish is a genuine variety. The scientific name of this type of grouper is Epinephelus fuscoguttatus. Coral reefs near the waters are natural habitats for these fish. This fish has a body style that resembles tiger skin, so this fish is named tiger grouper. This tiger grouper is sold at a price of Rp. 500,000 per kilo. If you buy grouper that has been cooked, the price is around Rp 100,000.

  1. Grouper Rat / Duck

The name of Mouse Grouper is indeed the real name of this type of grouper. Even so many people call it a Duck Grouper. This fish is one grouper that is an original race. Rocky and lagoon waters are ideal types of fish. This fish pattern is black spots. Not only as food for consumers, it turns out this fish is also commonly displayed as an ornament in the aquarium and maintained. The name of this fish species is Chromileptes altivelis. If you want grouper with first-class quality, then you need to pay Rp.4,000,000, a fantastic price. These are prices in Hong Kong and Taiwan

  1. Batik Grouper

Batik Grouper is a grouper that has habitat in the lagoon area. This fish has a terrible appearance so it looks a little scary. This fish looks fierce with its sharp teeth. This fish has big and prominent eyeballs and is blue. Damaged habitat causes this fish to become extinct. So we need to preserve Indonesia’s marine preservation. The name of this fish species is Epinephelus polyphekadion. If you want this fish, then you can just spend hundreds even millions of rupiah. With the increasingly scarce type of batik grouper, making the price more expensive.

  1. Mud Grouper

Epinephelus Tauvina is the species name of this mud grouper. These fish like to swim in the muddy seabed, so it’s no wonder that these fish are named mudfish. Although living at a depth of 100 meters, this fish will be able to stay alive. This fish can also be found even if only at a depth of about 50 m. The average price of this fish is Rp. 200,000-Rp. 300,000 / kg.

  1. Giant Grouper

Monster fish is another name that is owned by this type of grouper. The body size of this grouper can grow very large, even its size can look like a whale. This fish has a scientific name, namely Epinephelus lanceolate. Australia’s waters are the starting place for the discovery of these monster groupers. But fishermen who search for fish in the waters of Indonesia also often get this big grouper. Something that was so exciting had happened one day when a fisherman from Sambas managed to capture a Giant Grouper with a weight of up to 150 kg. With a very large size, of course, this fish has a high selling value of up to millions of rupiah.

Those are some types of grouper that you may need to know to increase your insight. Some types of grouper can be frozen until eventually, the sellers sell frozen grouper wholesale to get a lot of profit. Eating fish is healthy and also delicious.