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The Best Way Having Sea Bass Livestock


Sea bass can be found in almost all the beach in Indonesia. This country becomes one of the countries which has so many kinds of fishes. A big sea bass usually found hiding between a gap from big rocks on a beach. This kind of fish classified as a carnivore and eats another smaller fish they meet, especially like crustaceans and worms. This kind of sea bass’s prey is for those which has a smaller size of the body, but for that big size of sea bass, they eat crabs and also shrimps.

Sea Bass Is A Good Business

This sea bass becomes one of the most popular fishing catches for those who have a hobby of fishing. It is because the sensation of fishing sea bass can be so tense. How come fishing sea bass can be so tense? Because you have to go to a beach and use a small boat, so the fish will not run away, then get your fishing equipment ready.

Any other performances to catch this fish has a bigger chance to lost if you use another kind of fishing equipment, such as spear and trawl because sea bass is a kind of fish that very agile. Seabass has a high sense of sensitivity, which means they will know if you are coming to them. But, if you are capable to catch them, you will taste a delicious meat from sea bass.

People catch this fish because if they sell the meat in a market, the price is so high. Furthermore, there is frozen sea bass that usually on sale, because the taste of the meat is very good. A quite challenging if you want to have sea bass breeding on your own because you must pay any attention to how to raise them correctly. There will be several tips for you who want to build your own sea bass breeding and produce sea bass’s meat.

You Have Responsibilities Taking Care Of Them

First, the most important thing of making a breed is the pond. You have to be careful choosing the area of the pond because, in a different area, the soil structure will also differ. Make sure the place of your pond has enough free water chlorine. Always check the potential of hydrogen in your water, it must have about 6 or 8 pH so your sea bass will be safe. After that, you have to make sure that the pond got enough sun lights every day, and sea bass can survive in 12-40 degree Celsius, and for a better growth, make sure the temperature for about 16-35 degree Celsius.

Second, pay attention to the pond’s maintenance. First of all, separate your young sea bass in a small pond after the hatching process. In this pond, you have to make sure there will be no fish predator which has the opportunity to eat your sea basses, such as snake or frog. If your young sea bass reaches 21-28 day aged, give them 10-15% fish feed according to their weights. After 40-60 days old, move them into your main pond with other adult sea bass.

Third, take care of their food. Basically, sea bass is a carnivore fish. But, usually, they eat any kind of food, such as algae or many kinds of underwater plants. It is easy to feed them, because sea bass will eat anything you give, but don’t give them a random feed though. You can choose your own making feed or commercial feed.

Fourth, how to take care of sea bass’s pond. It is not a recommend gathering your sea bass with another live animal, such as snail, shrimp, crab, or any other living organism in the pond. Also, avoid your sea bass from a condition that can get them stressed. The things you must avoid are excess density, bad nutrition, and a high-level nitrate. In a simple way, take off the cleanliness of the pond and sterilize from any other animal.

Fifth, the harvest process. To sell your sea bass, you have to make sure that they have about 300-500 grams weight each. This is the perfect weight on sale and makes them froze. When your sea bass has a perfect weight to sell, don’t hesitate yourself to sell them in a market. You probably get a high price of them.