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How To Clean Fish In A Proper Way


Trout is one of the most delicious kinds of meat that can be easily bought in a market. Fish meat has a cheap price than any other kind of meat, such as beef or pork. This meat also can be processed into various kind of luxurious food and become a high-class food. Choosing fish meat is quite easy because almost all kind of fish can be eaten and had a good taste. Even sometimes you probably meet a fish that you are going to eat, but it still has a fishy taste in it. This caused from a fault when cleaning those fish skin.

Cleanliness Is The Most Important

The incorrection of cleaning fish skin can be a big mistake for those who want to make fish dishes. The smell and fishy of a bad cleaning fish skin will be the result. You have to do it perfectly when cleaning the fish skin, this is a crucial thing you must concern. Furthermore, if you forgot to clean any parts of fish, it will give you a tasteless and bitter sense of your food.

Before making fish dishes for your family or friend, you must be familiar with the way to clean it in the first place. This the very first step if you want to cook trout. After you can clean it well, froze them to get an extra “age” for your fish. If you have no idea how to do it, here several simple tips for you to clean your fish. These steps can be applied to both freshwater fish and sea fish.

Get Ready To Eat The Best Trout

  1. Preparing Equipment

Preparing your tools is the most important before you start to clean your fish. The tools that must be provided are the knife and cutting board. You can choose a fish fillet knife set to clean the fish scale and cut the meat or a very sharp knife to get a maximum result though. Another tool is a cutting board, it is better to use the wooden cutting board to help you hold the fish. The wooden cutting board will not make the fish move because of its slippery skin while you are cleaning it. Using a wooden texture also kept your fish from another chemical sense if you use the plastic cutting board.

  1. Clean The Fish Scale

In this phase, the very first thing that you have to do is removing the fish scale. This process is commonly done by putting your knife on the tail side, then drag it forward to another way which is head side until the fish scale automatically removed from the body. Repeat this step several times to get a perfect removed scale. If you got a hard scale of the fish, you can soak it first in a bowl which has been filled in with warm water and 2 squashed lime on spoons for about 5 minutes. With this additional phase, the fish scale will be easier to remove.

  1. Clean The Innards

After cleaning the fish skin, let’s move to clean its innards. The inside parts of a fish that must be removed are gill and belly of the fish, especially the bile. How to do that? First, you have to pierce the belly of the fish, then clean the innards using your bare hands. Take out all of the inside parts and clean those gills. In this phase, the thing that you must concern is the bile. Do not ever break the bile while you are removing it from the body, because if it broke and spread to the meat, you will get a bad taste of the meat.

  1. Washing The Fish

If your fishes are cleaned from scale and innards, then this is the step to wash properly. This phase is used to clean any left parts of the scale and innards. Then, how to wash the fish in a proper way? Use water which has been mixed with salt or lime liquid to release the aroma of fishy. You can also use a special water to clean the fish which can be bought in any supermarket. There is a simpler way to clean the fish without using any mix, you can use warm water to eliminate any bacterial left. In the last step, don’t forget to rinse your fishes with a flowing water using your faucet to remove all the dirty parts left on the fish.