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Best Guidance To Catch Grouper Fish


Grouper fish in a proper language is a fish that have so many siblings and the part of Epinephelinae family. Actually, this kind of fish has so many species, but basically, they have a similar shape one to another, and also quite difficult to inflict when you are fishing them. The differences of the species might be from their color and some patterns of this grouper. If you don’t have any knowledge about them, you might not be able to see the differences between the species.

A Rare Fish, Also Rare Taste

Basically, grouper fish has a special shape and color, usually, grouper will have a shape as big as a dog with dark green color and freckles around their whole body. Those freckles became their ability to camouflage when they are hunting their food. This fish is a kind of coral fish, so they are really rare swimming a long journey. Grouper fish is a carnivore fish which usually eats smaller fish, octopus, crab, and lobster.

The way they survive to get some food is quite unique. Grouper fish will wait for their victim to get closer to them while they use their ability to camouflage. After that when their foods are coming closer, grouper fish will use their strong and big mouth to suck all of them. They eat like a vacuum cleaner machine which is not ripping them into pieces, but they eat a whole thing.

If you are a fisherman or have a fishing hobby, this kind of fish might be your wish list to catch. Because grouper has a delicious meat to eat. One of the most popular food from grouper is a grouper steak. Have you imagined that you can eat a delicious meat from grouper which is your own catch? This might be your best feeling if you could do that. So, don’t hesitate yourself to start fishing this fish, and there are several pieces of knowledge for you who want to eat a delicious meat from grouper fish.

Fishing Is A Fun Activity

To catch a grouper fish, the common thing that fisherman do is applying a basic technic to do fishing. Riding a small boat and using a long string to set a fishing bait in the coral base is the best way to catch grouper fish. Just like another fishing activity, you have to be patient waiting until the fish eat your bait. You must remember an important thing that the kind of string you use, it must be a very long to reach the seabed because grouper fish live deep in the sea.

Then, for the bait, you must use a natural feed of the grouper fish to get a big chance of catching them. As explained before, it is better to use octopus’s meat to get them and don’t forget to cut it into pieces. Another bait that usually used is a fresh shrimp. Actually, grouper fish is a kind of greedy fish, so they will eat any living animal smaller than them, and it is not a difficult thing to choose your bait. However, to get an easier way of catching them by using octopus’s meat. That bait should be installed on a big size of hook for about 3 to 4 pieces in your long strings.

The area you should choose to get these grouper fish is on a sea which has a deep depth with the help of a boat. To easily get grouper fish, you have to find an area which has variant coral reefs, because they live naturally in the middle of coral reefs. For you who don’t have any idea which area to catch grouper fish, you can ask some people who live around there or you can ask some fisherman there.

In Indonesia, the fishermen have been marked where the coral reefs are, so you don’t have to be a worry about finding the best area. You can ask any fisherman to help you on fishing a grouper fish, so you can get easier access to catch them. Actually, to get this fish you have to do a survey first, this step was for knowing the best place that has no much sand underwater. Because grouper fish will not live on a dusty water. Finally, might those knowledge be your guide for you who want to taste a delicious grouper meat?